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The Relationship of Entrepreneurial Knowledge and Entrepreneurial Environment, on Entrepreneurial Intention of Undergraduate Students: Examining Moderating Effect of Self-Efficacy

This research explores the association between the entrepreneurship knowledge, environment, innovativeness and family and friends influence and entrepreneurial intentions among undergraduate university students in Malaysia. Written questionnaire were completed by 287 from 350 distributed. The results indicate entrepreneurial knowledge, environment, innovativeness, family and friends are important predictor for entrepreneurial intention. The results also provide evidence that self-efficacy as the moderating variable may enhance the entrepreneurial intention. Entrepreneurial knowledge was found to be the most important predictor to entrepreneurial intentions, followed by entrepreneurial environment, innovativeness, family and friends influence. These findings will make several contribution one of which is the presentation of a comprehensive framework that explain the importance and effect of self-efficacy as a moderating on the independent and dependent variables. This study also will provide policy maker and university with important data and insights on the factors that can enhance entrepreneurial intention among undergraduate students. Finally this study and its finding would serve as a reference source in the field of entrepreneurship. Keywords - Entrepreneurship, Knowledge, Environment, Innovativeness, Family and Friend, Self-efficacy and Entrepreneurial Intentions.