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A Critical Analysis of Technology Transfers in University- Industry Collaboration for a Global Knowledge Economy

This paper analyzed technology transfer in university-industry collaboration. The problem that motivated the study was that developing countries, with their limited financial capabilities, face the challenge of creating appropriate environment that could facilitate the creation and commercialization of technologies. Moreover, the recognition of poor scientific outputs as a hindrance to the growth of domestic industry has brought research on the development agenda because of low technological standards in the developing world. However, this poses for strong collaborations in the developing and developed world to promote a competitive edge comparable with the developed world. This would produce competitive local graduates for the global job market. The purpose of the study was to identify the technology transfer barriers in order to strategize in the university curricula and match the global standards. Based on review of literature, it was evident that transfer of technology is affected by numerous constraints that hinder efficient technology transfer, thus impeding the development of innovative entrepreneurship. Following the qualitative approach, a sample of 3 universities, 3 intermediary organizations and a sample of 15 information technology companies participated in the study through interviews. The findings revealed that there is a discrepancy in technology between countries, requiring strategic partnerships to merge the discovery-driven culture of the university with the innovation on-driven environment of the industry thereby posing the need for powerful collaborations between industry and university. From a developing country perspective, very little is known about the technology transfer process, especially the mechanisms, barriers, and incentives of this process. The study will help to improve the understanding of the current process of technology transfer, while concentrating on the incentives and barriers to transferring technology from universities to industry. Keywords: Technology Transfer, Open Innovation, Global Knowledge Economy, University Industry Collaboration