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Business Flow Management in Communication Based Train Control Systems

Today, global competition is growing rapidly in every field of work. There is an increasing trend towards quality all over the world and consumers' expectations about quality are increasing. The prerequisite for being in these conditions is always to keep up with the dynamic structure of the age, to be open to changes and innovations and to adapt new systems, techniques and technologies to their bodies. Otherwise, organizations are doomed to be stayed behind. On the other hand, there have been significant changes in manufacturers' views on quality. It is understood that rather than paying attention to the quality of the finished product, to achieve quality in every stage of a production process is more importantThis system is applied not only in the sectors of production and services but also in Information Technology. Kanban techniques have been developed and implemented recently to control the parameters affecting product and process management, to manage and optimize their deviations. Kanban, Lean Startup, MDD and IDC business flow techniques of Communication Based Train Control Systems (CBTC) in the Railroad Systems using are investigated in this study. Index Terms - Automation, Communication, Signalization, Train Control, Kanban