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Applied Achievements of Physics and Modern Technologies in Changing The Climate

The status of global warming and climatic change of the different regions of the world has led to more attentiveness of academic communities to the future crises caused by drought and climatic change in mountainous areas and deserts. Desired control of local and regional climate is directly depended on recognition of interaction of the particles in the atmosphere. Full dominance on the processes is important for optimal and effective use of modern equipment and technologies the discussions of climatic change from the fertility of clouds to controlling the atmosphere conditions at the developed countries has possessed large amount of research budgets. At the developed countries, different methods are used for fertility of clouds and changing the local and regional climate. With the managerial perspectives to this field, scholars tend to extend their strategic-military power. Hence, recognition of modern equipment affecting atmosphere and analysis of their operation mechanism in management of climate of developing countries in improvement of local and regional climate plays key role in the sustainable development. According to the effect and interaction of atmosphere particles, in the recently used academic sources, using powerful electric fields from the ground surface is considered because of low cost and easiness of implementation of applied projects. In all proposed models, identification of physical and chemical interactions of cloud environment and atmosphere space is important. Hence, this study has emphasized the evolution of particles and their interaction in atmosphere and has studied the effect of additional electromagnetic fields on change in the process of atmosphere rainfall. Index terms - Climatic Changes, Atmosphere Ionization, Electric Discharge, Condensation, Precipitation