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Transactional and Transformational Leadership Styles Bibliometric Illustration

This paper aims to provide a bibliometric illustration for leadership styles researches published in Web of Science (WOS) platform since the beginning of 2017 till April 2018. To do so, 660 WOS published articles were examined, those were published under Social Sciences, Business and Management categories. Accordingly, top journals and articles in leadership research, number of citations, quartile and impact factors were identified, the research also covered top scholars, affiliations and countries contributing to this research domain. This paper contributes to leadership research by directing scholars and researchers towards identifying where to publish their articles, with whom they can contribute in researching leadership, who are the top scholars they can refer to while researching leadership; The study can also serve as a reference for the students around the around the world to identify the countries and affiliations that leadership research domain. Keywords - Bibliometric Research, Leadership Style, Transformational Leadership, Transactional Leadership