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Power Consumption Multi-Band Wireless Multimedia

Video surveillance is one of the promising programs in the Internet paradigm of objects. In a multidimensional network architecture, we look at the heterogeneous development of sensor platforms as a key source of energy optimization for high-quality video surveillance applications that use the battery. In this paper, we propose a prototype of the heterogeneous wireless multimedia sensor network (WMSN), which consists of low-scalar sensor nodes and single-bay computers (SBCs). Since limited nodes are used to detect early mobility, SBCs The more powerful camera nodes are used, the camera nodes play a full-HD video (1080 pixels) continuously on a distant laptop during an event (when it is detected). In addition, a simple power model And simulation results simulate the lifetime of battery life (sensory nodes) ) For variable time intervals between events and have also provided for the event. Keywords - Energy optimization, Internet of Things (IoT), Multilayer Networks, Power Consumption, Wireless Multimedia Sensor Network (WMSN), Video Surveillance.