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The Headway of Ecopreneurship as a Paramount Research Field

Interestingly, since last two decadesecopreneurship has received recognition from academiciansand researchers, with few conceptual and empirical contributions and increasing publications. Ecopreneurship is emerging field as a convergent of ecology and entrepreneurship that should be embedded with the economic activities to transcend its impact in environment conversation and commitment. Through using bibliometric database and techniques, this study analyses the academic literature on ecoprenuership and give a brief representation of the contributions in the field and highlights further need of its expansion as a research field. The analysis of literature from the Web of knowledge (Thomson Reuters) database—until December 2018—provides some surprising insights pertaining to various articles, journals who been the catalysts in emergence of this field and highlighting its importance. As a result, out of total 30 articles from Web of Science (WOS)since its inception (1998) to 2018 were retrieved. After applying various inclusion criterions on these we could finally identify most significant articles. The analysis allowed identified acceptance for these neophyte publications and provides clues about the opportunities for future research. Keywords - Ecopreneurship, Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurial Education, Ecopreneurial Orientation