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Geo-Fusion: Age of “Tech-Knowled (Ge)-Ography” The New Mapping of The 21st Century and Rediscovery of The World

The study is based on a thorough investigation regarding the recent global, social and geographical processes. Geo fusion guides the reader with the help of maps in the global world of the 21st century through the quest for the winning nations, communities, leaders and powers of this age. The findings of the study include a significant recognition that the scientists who are taken as explorers geostrategists of this century, are expected to present guidelines of our connected world full of global social and economic challenges. In 2017 the author issued his book titled Geofusion: Mapping of the 21st Century. This paper presents the basic message of his book involving the following statements: We have to redraw our conventional maps replacing them with maps of questions making up objectives. Creativity and geo-knowledge is the pledge of a winning position in global economic competition. In future’s economic competition, like in a race, creativity is the fuel, networks and knowledge represent the safety belt. Local resources help us to go international. We can enter international geo-fusion networks only via our local community’s values. According to various research and forecasts, the main economic concentration will be in 40 megacities and global centres. Based on various competitiveness analyses and indices, global city centres and city networks are outlined, but if we look at other aspects of urban development like complexity, connectivity, creativity, technological development, viability, green cities, pedestrian and child friendly cities, creative and cultural centres, cultural spaces and knowledge centres, we get a city competitiveness index with quite new complex indicators. The research shows this result. The methodology contains the survey and analysis of many recent publications worldwide, regarding geostrategic, cultural, geographical, social and economic surveys structured into global networks. In conclusion the author presents the result of the study which is a collage of the global map of the 21st century as mentioned above. Index Terms - Future’s economic Competition,Geographic Trends, Global Urban Networks, Management, Megacities, Sustainable growth,