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Critical Domain Knowledge of Thai Productive Vocabularies Learning for Chinese Community

Culture shock is temporary, and everybody goes through it to some extent in the process of cultural adaptation. The language proficiency is good way to solution this problem. So research sample is 1st year Chinese university students in Chiang Mai who try to use Thai language in their daily life for survival. From the questionnaire, interview 12 Chinese students who comes Thailand study in first year that they try to survive in Thai language by learning Thai language via application. According to the application analysis, the results showed that application consists of 10% of productive vocabularies and 90% of receptive vocabularies. Regarding this, students faced difficulty to adapt themselves in new culture, and caused unhappy life in their six to twelve months after their arrival. To solve the research problem, experts were interviewed to extract the critical domain for survival. This seven domains cover food, shopping, transportation, fall ill, life style, daily life conversation and accommodation. Index Terms - Culture Shock, Cross-Culture Adaptation, Receptive and Productive Vocabularies, W-Curve