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The Design and Construction of the Environmental-Friendly House for Aging Society in Thailand

The goal of this research is to design and construct a friendly environmental house that will consume less energy, decrease living cost and be a place where elders can live happily, while being environmental friendly. The design incorporating the Thai house idea includes a way to reduce the temperature in the house by using high heating resistant material for wall and ceiling. The west side of the house has a big tree to reduce heat radiation from the Sun. Integrated with the renewable energy system and reused water system, the control and monitor of the climate in the house by IoT based was applied. The LED lighting system was proposed to energy saving concept. It was designed to be a small but comfortable, convenient, and environmental friendly house. The results show that the house consumed the electrical energy from PV system and the grid AC system, the energy saving by the LED lighting. The water reuse system by filtration process was used to performed with multilayers medias systems by gravity for treating grey water (washing, dishwashing, bathing) during a month. The reuse water system showed that the removal efficiency of BOD 5, treated water was used for watering, flushing toilets. An android application can be used to enable users to live in this house more comfortably and conveniently. Specifically, this application would allow users to monitor electricity usage, humidity and temperature everywhere in this house. In addition, it would allow users to call other android applications that might be used to control functionality, including electricity usage, of home appliances. However, the LED lamps from AC sources can generate very high harmonic distortion which leads to reduce the power factor far from unity. In order to fix this problem, the LED lamps from DC sources are replaced. Keywords: Sustainable house, energy saving, IoT, reused water, LED lighting