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Antecedents To Adoption Of Electronic Payment Systems In Sri Lanka

Electronic payment systems (EPS) provide an alternative for traditional payment systems. Even though EPS provide a more convenient method for performing transactions, customers have not switched to EPS as expected. Researchers have investigated this issue over the past and they have identified that there are a variety of factors hindering the usage of EPS by customers. Literature review reveals that there are contradictory findings between researchers on this matter and hence it is evident that there is no agreement among the researchers as to which factors really affect the usage of EPS by customers. Therefore, this study aimed at identifying critical factors affecting the customer perception towards the use of EPS. Through a thorough literature review, the researchers could identify five antecedents which have been cited by many researchers as important factors determining the usage of EPS. Amongst them, the present research revealed that “benefits”, “trust” and “compatibility” as significant antecedents to the adoption of electronic payment systems in Sri Lanka.