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Integration of IoT - Empowered Cloud Manufacturing Systems In Industrial Engineering

There’s no contradictory on the fact that technology is dominating us to a global scale where our conduct, style and living patterns are going to change exceptionally. A new Internet poised to change the world again i.e. IoT (Internet of things) based cloud manufacturing. The integration of the duo has many drawbacks as well as proved to be a upper hand in many applications, mainly in the construction of architecture and work flow, in order to avoid such circumstances an re-developed integrated architecture has been framed to make the system flexible, reliable and robust in all extreme conditions. The study has not been specifically aimed at a particular industry, but have connected the two pioneering technologies (i.e. cloud manufacturing and IoT), also have explored the common factors and discussed the detail about the challenges and how cloud computing technology progresses the operation of the IoT. Decisively we have correlated identical papers in the area. This paper is deep global in its reports and intensely covers dominant factors on IoT and cloud manufacturing. Keywords - IoT; cloud; Integration; semantics;