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Energy Harvesting Mechanism using Ions Movement in Human Nervous System

Wireless body area network (WBAN) is an emerging area of research that will enhance human life. In WBAN, a patient is monitored remotely for various diseases using wireless components installed inside or outside the human bodies. The life time of battery is a critical issue for the devices installed through surgery within the human bodies. Batteries of the inside devices have to replace through surgery after discharging that frequent practice of surgery is much troublesome for the patient. In this paper, we suggest a novel energy harvesting technique that will prolong the battery life that in turn lower the frequency of surgery and overcome further complications. In this kind of energy harvesting technique, we use the concept of ions movement that takes place in human nervous system. With the use of this concept, batteries of the inside wireless sensors will continuously charge and probability of their replacement will be minimized. Keywords - Wireless Body Area Network (WBAN), Energy Harvesting, Nervous System, Battery Charging.