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Studying Climate-Thermal Comfort Indices in Hormozgan Province (South of Iran) and Tourism Development

Climate meets a wide spectrum of applications that one of its applied aspects is the climate-comfort which has a high importance in terms of spatial-temporal feasibility assessments of tourism development. Hormozgan is one the Iranian provinces located along with the southern coasts of the country with a very hot and humid climate. This province illustrates high tourism potentials, because existing of long beaches and many islands with very wonderful natural and cultural attractions. This investigation aims to calculate some climate-thermal comfort indices including: PET,WCI, SI and ET, using the long term data series of existing synoptic stations in Hormozgan province. Meanwhile, extreme conditions i.e. heat waves and its possible implications to human health were analyzed. In the next step the results derived through the indices have been put to analysis in monthly and yearly scales. Most of stations show that the climate comfort indices and the extreme events have been intensifying especially during warm months of year. But among them Hajiabad station situated in northern and mountainous part of the province demonstrated very comfort class based on the results derived from the indices. This condition over the southern Iranian coasts could be justifiable in a global warming context. Keywords: Climate comfort, Thermal Indices, Tourism, Hormozgan province, Iran.