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Evaluation and Comparison of Selected Antioxidant Concentrations in Kudzu and Three Common Food Sources

Antioxidants are considered one of the critical molecules in selecting food sources in an attempt to promote a healthy life style. Spinach(Spinaciaoleracea), andshiitake mushroom (Lentinula edodes)are among the major food sources which have been considered due to their rich accumulation of antioxidants. Kudzu (Puerariamontana var. lobata (Willd.))which is a common vine growing in the southern region of the United States is considered one of the fastest growing plants and has been suggested to be utilized as food source.. In this study, antioxidant concentration in kudzu was compared to spinach (Spinaciaoleracea), shiitake mushroom (Lentinula edodes) and nori seaweed (Porphyratenera). The result showed that Kudzu had the highest antioxidant production including: total phenolic compounds, β-carotene, and anthocyanin this was followed by spinach, seaweed, and shiitake mushroom. Keywords - Kudzu, Antioxidants, Phenolic Compounds, Β-Carotene, Anthocyanin