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LDR based Feedback Dual Axis Solar Power Tracking Systemq

Solar energy is the most popular source of renewable energy due to rapid increase in greenhouse effect and rapid increase in energy demand worldwide. Due to which, solar energy is rapidly gaining the major consideration. In solar power system, solar cells are used to convert sun rays into electrical power by means of solar cell. However the major drawbacks of solar power systems are high initial installment cost and low efficiency of energy conversion. Electrical power of solar cell mainly depends on solar irradiation level and temperature. To harvest maximum solar energy from the sun, an efficient and cost effective micro controller based solar power tracking system has been designed and its hardware is implemented. Due to the alignment of solar panel with the movement of sun it intends to produce maximum electrical power. The methodology is a combination of software and hardware that can be used to control hundreds of solar panels in the solar power plant. In this paper a dual axis solar tracking system has been designed. Tracker continuously tracks the sun and changes its position to maximize the energy output. The sensors compare the light intensities of each side and moves the panel accordingly until it receives the equal light on both sides. Tracker also tends the solar panel to reposition itself for the next morning. The advantages and need of such solar power tracking system has been discussed and the result has been tested. Keywords - Photovoltaic Cell; Solar Tracker; Light Dependent Resistor; Microcontroller; Stepper Motor.