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Amperometric Detection of Acetaminophen using a Nano Gold Particles/ Carbon Nanofibers Modified Glassy Carbon Electrode

Acetaminophen (ACT) is widely used to reduce fever and relief mild to moderate pain from migraine headache or muscular aches. However, improper usage of acetaminophen would lead to overdosing, resulting in accumulation of toxic metabolite that causes kidney and liver failures. Thus, it is essential to develop an effective sensor for the detection of acetaminophen. In this work, a nano gold particles/ carbon nanofibers (Au/CNF) modified glassy carbon electrode was prepared and applied as an electrocatalyst for the electro-oxidation of acetaminophen and its detection. The surface morphology, the elemental composition and structure were investigated using SEM, EDX and XRD analyses respectively. An amperometric study demonstrated that the Au/CNF nanocomposite detects ACT linearly over a concentration range of 100 to 800 ppm with a detection limit of 15 ppm at a signal-to-noise ratio of 3.0. An excellent sensitivity of 160.46 A/cm2mM towards ACT. The as-fabricated sensor exhibited fast response time of detection, superior reproducibility and selectivity towards interfering species such as glucose and uric acid. This new sensor can be considered as an affordable tool for electrochemical sensing of ACT. Keywords - Gold, Nanofibers, Amperometry, Acetaminophen, Sensor