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Multi-Objective Structural Optimization of Laminate Vertical-Axis Wind Turbine Blades

The paper presents a possible approach to a multi-objective optimization of a small-scale vertical-axis wind turbine (VAWT) blade. The starting geometry is simple − the blade is rectangular with a symmetric airfoil NACA 0018. According to its dimensions, the blade corresponds to a VAWT of approximate power of 600 W (applicable to small consumers). Blade structure is a laminate determined by 4 parameters: 2 ply numbers and their orientations. Two-criterion constrained optimizations are performed with respect to blade mass, maximum blade tip deflection, natural frequencies and failure index. Optimization is performed by one of the heuristic, evolutionary algorithms − particle swarm optimization (PSO). Some comments, gained experiences while dealing with a real engineering problem and results concerning possible wind turbine blade structural designs are presented and discussed. Keywords - VAWT, Blade, FE, PSO, Multi-Objective Optimization.