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Proactive Measure Towards The Emerging Environmental And Social Problems In Igbo-Land, South-East Nigeria: A Case For Culture Of Peace

Environmental degradation is increasingly forcing nomads to search for sustainable pastures for their flocks. This has led to southward migration of the herdsmen from their base in the northern part of Nigeria to the tropical rain forest southern areas. The consequence of this southward migration is an inevitable conflict between the herding culture and farming culture over land resources. Another consequence is a foreseeable aggravation of already existing environmental crises in the south-eastern part of the country .This paper focused on the new dimensions of environmental problems the area of this research will be facing and the inevitability of social conflicts arising from demands on the land for grazing and farming. It looked at the social and armed conflicts that have arisen in the past as a result of struggle over this common environmental resource. Looking at the problems that always occurred between herding and farming culture, the paper presented a pro-active measure through �culture of peace�� approach . This approach was presented as an indispensable measure that can be used in reducing obvious areas of social conflicts between the herdsmen and the crop farmers and as a strategy to be adopted in handling environmental resource based conflicts taking place in some parts of the country.