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Procrastination and Emotional Intelligence (EI) among Asasi Pintar Students in National University of Malaysia

Studies indicate that approximately 80-95% 0f university students are involved in procrastination. The previous studies show that decisional procrastination may lead to poor academic performance. The present study was aimed to determines the relationship between level of academic procrastination and Emotional Intelligence (EI). In this regard, Academic Procrastination Scale which was developed by Justin McCloskey and Shannon A. Scielzo, (2011) and Emotional Quotient Inventory (USMEQ-I) which was developed by Dr Muhamad Saiful BahriYusoff (2010) were administered to 100 ASASIpintar students from National Gifted Centre. Both of the instruments have very high reliability where Academic Procrastination Scale has alpha-cronbach 0.91 and USMEQ inventory has 0.94 accoding to the pilot test that had been carried out. The instruments which consist of questionnaires, had been distributed to the students in the form of survey method. The main objective of this study was to find the correlation between the level of academic procrastination and Emotional Intelligence (EI). The findings revealed that the level of academic procrastination was moderate while the level of emotional intelligence (EI) was very high. Besides that, it was known that the emotional intelligence component which was Emotional Conscientiousness was the most contributing factor to level of academic procrastination. Keyword - Procrastination, Emotional Intelligence (EI), ASASIpintar Students