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Response Biology Eichornia Crassipes Against Pollution Heavy Metals Mercury (Hg) From The River Waeapo In District Buru

Response biology Eichornia crassipes against contaminat heavy metals mercury than 3 station on the Waeapo, district Buru is: long roots downstream is 48,22 cm; middle is 52,02 cm; and upstream is 60,53 cm, dried root of the heavy downstream is 0.2 g; middle is 0.39 g; and upstream is 0,17 g, long petiole downstream is 16.5 cm; middle is 19,63 cm; and upstream is 19,97 cm, heavy dry stalk leaves downstream is 0,94 g; middle is 0,98 g; and upstream is 0.59 g, necrosis leaves on the downstream, middle , and upstream range 50 % -75 %, and heavy dried leaves on the official downstream is 0,19 g; middle is 0,32 g; and upstream is 0.21 g. Keyword- Disrict Buru, Eichornia, Mercury