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Problem of Drug Abuse in Punjab, India

Punjab once known as the "Sone di Chiri", the brilliant bow is directly going through the period of medication misuse and medication trafficking which has rendered the greater part of its childhood to carry on with a hopeless life. It has not just influenced the economy of the exceptionally prosperous state however smashed the lives of many. Medication misuse influences the life of each individual from the family, the nearby ones the most exceedingly terrible. It prompts family debate, broken relational unions, divorces, obligation on the families, loss of lives and by and large respects the ruin causing illnesses like HIV/AIDS because of needles utilized in infusing intravenous medications. This issue has not been tended to much at the levels of the specialists. As the general population or the families which are influenced take is as a social disgrace and don't uncover it, it presents additionally leaps in gathering the information. Up until this point, the figures cited by government divisions when sedate is seized at the fringes present a few information. Indeed, even these figures can't be considered as the real ones because of debasement required at various levels. We have essentially attempted to address this issue and ordered the information accessible from government assets and figures cited in driving daily papers every once in a while. Keywords - Drug abuse in Punjab, Cannabis, Smack, Poppy