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Validation of the Multidimensional Construct of Green Perceived Value

The aim of this study is to examinethe validity and reliability ofthe multidimensional formative construct of green perceived value(i.e., functional value, conditional value, social value, and emotional value) to the buying behavior of green food productswith confirmatory factor analysis (CFA). This study adopted four green perceived values and explored consumer's perceptions of the multidimensional construct of GPV in the food industry.A self administered questionnaire was distributed, and 150 questionnaires were used for the data analysis, and reliability and validity were conducted. Four constructs and 20 indicators were measured using confirmatory factor analysis. The study findings showed that a four factor measurement scale with acceptable levels of reliability and validity. The outcomes and applications of the developed scale are discussed both in terms of theoretical and managerial implications.Implications for future research and marketing strategies in the field of purchasing behaviors of green food products are discussed. Keywords - Functional value, Conditional value, Social value, Emotional value, Green food