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Strategic and Technological Change Readiness to Thailand Industrial 4.0 Sector

The objective of the researched are to study about strategic and technological change readiness to Thailand industrial 4.0 sectors. This research are qualitative research using deep interview contributor such as one of committee on industry, 5 committees of innovative industrial or management group in each industrial sector and academic officer. Secondary source are document, related research to analyze transition issues in strategic And Technological Change Readiness To Thailand Industrial 4.0.The results are founded Thailand industrial apply production process to become Thailand industrial 4.0 same as developed countries, by planning and gradually adjusting production, online connecting each departments in every level between inside or outside production plant factory and investment about information technology to be industrial 4.0. They also developing automation system, artificial intelligence and robot to increase productivity potential, infrastructure , research , innovation development , reengineering organization and human resource. Keywords - Strategic , Technology , Industrial Sector , Industry 4.0.