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Environmental History of Forests in Myanmar (1826 A.D. -1881 A.D.)

The diminution in the supplies of oak timber in England required for maintaining the King’s navy towards the end of the eighteenth and the beginning of the nineteenth centuries. Therefore there had the subsequent annexations of portions of Burma by the British. Political ecology is centrally concerned about the study of confrontation among actions seeking to manage the bio-physical environment. Thus it has stressed the contested nature of environmental management. How teak was linked to shifting political economies of timber production in Burma, what of the consuming patterns that spurred on this process? The consuming of teak was profoundly made by military and political concerns that notably reflected the vicissitudes of empire. Burmese teak played a role in the circumstance of British imperialism. Keywords - Diminution in Supplies of Oak Timber in England, Environmental Management, Consuming of Teak