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Motivation of Doctors and Nurses in the Changing Health Sector

Health care services have been going through a fast development process in recent years. Health professionals who are integrated into the institution and are conscious of their mission and responsibilities have been able to increase the performance and efficiency of their institution working with high motivation. Conscious managers aware of this situation have been trying to solve the problems and increase the efficiency of the institution determining the factors increasing, decreasing or hindering the work motivations of the medical staff. This study aims to determine the factors affecting the motivations of doctors and nurses working for the medical institutions and the factors increasing motivation. The basic problem of this research has been specified as“Are there any differences between the motivations of doctors and nurses in the health sector?” Voluntary doctors and nurses who worked for public hospitals in Ankara province in the year 2017 constitute the research population. A questionnaire was given to200 doctors and nurses selected through random sampling and accepting the survey participation. The survey consists of two parts. The first part includes questions about the demographic information and the second part includes questions related to the organizational, executive, psychological and social, economic factors and questions about the factors in the workplace. Questions about the motivation in the second partranged between “I certainly disagree” and “I certainly agree” in the Likert scale with 5 options.At the end of the research, descriptive statistics of the collected demographic data was performed. In analyzing the data about motivation Kolmogorov Smirnov Test,Mann Whitney U and Kruskal-Wallis H Tests were used.According to the results of the analysis, itwas concluded that there were no motivational differences between doctors and nurses considering their jobs but that there were difference between some demographic features and their motivations. Keywords - Doctor, Nurse, Health Sector, Motivation, Turkey.