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Approach Of Magnetic Resonance Imaging To Analyze The Performance Of A Clinical Artificial Kidney Dialyzer

Flow distributions are significant parameters in the function of clinical artificial kidney dialyzers. It is important in order to observe the flow distribution pattern when evaluating its function and configuring the most appropriate design of the dialyzer. Therefore, experimental knowledge plays a significant part in generating an approach which can optimize these modules. In this study, blood side flow distribution was qualitatively observed in a commercial clinical dialyzer using Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) technique through an in vitro experiment. The contrast enhanced T1 weighted images were acquired along the dialyzer length using Fast Spin Echo pulse sequence. Although uniform flow distribution pattern over the spatial volume of transverse images, close to dialyzer inlet was observed, heterogeneity of flow distribution could be identified close to the blood outlet port. These results of the study suggested that although no advanced techniques available, MRI could be used to characterize the flow distribution within a dialyzer qualitatively. Index Terms- Artificial Kidney, Fluid Flow, Magnetic Resonance Imaging.