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Social Media Use For Work And Its Effects On Job Satisfaction

This paper focuses on the use of social media as a tool or technology, whether formal or informal, in the workplace. The researchers conducted a survey with the hopes of understanding the prevalence of social media use for work and determining the manner of utilization of social media as part of the job functions of respondents in various industries. The Job Descriptive Index and Job In General scale were also administered as part of the survey. Lastly, the researchers tested for a correlation between whether social media was used for work and the job satisfaction of the respondents. It was concluded that: social media is incredibly prevalent as a tool for work, whether it is formally or informally mandated; the degree to which it is used by those who do, or reasons for not using it are quite varied; and there is no significant difference in the job satisfaction of those who used social media for work and those who do not. Keywords - Social media, social media use for work, social media technology, job descriptive index, job in general, job satisfaction, JDIJIG.