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The Use Of Computer In Calculation Of Mechanical Components: The Case Study Of Three- Stage Reduction Gearbox

One of the most common mechanical engineering tasks is transmission of power from a source, such as an engine or motor, through a machine to an output actuation. In general that requires some speed-reduction. And the way of doing this is through a transmission box (gearbox). There are a lot of components in gearbox reduction that need to be calculated, and some of them are physical, such as power, torque, ratio, etc. This paper presents how we can use a computer to calculate the main dimensions of gearbox housing and the main physical quantities. The case study is done for Three-Stage Reduction Gearbox. For that we have created a program in C++ programming language that calculates physical quantities and the main dimensions. To gain different numbers of speed reduction required to construct different gearbox reduction, the same program calculates other members of the same family (Three-Stage Reduction Gearbox) but with increase respectively decrease factor of components, so we can earn members of same family but with different speed of reduction and with different torque. Also we have used CATIA V5 software for 3D modeling components of Three-Stage Reduction Gearbox and their Assemble. Keywords- AUTOCAD, CATIA V5, C++, computer, design, three-stage reduction gearbox.