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Enhancement Of Practical Skill And Self-Reliance Through Technical And Vocational Education And Training (TVET) In Nigeria For Sustainable Economy

This paper acknowledges In Nigeria, over the years, emphasis has been on general education, with technical and vocational education and training at the receiving end. This has resulted in large number of educated people remaining unemployed. This phenomenon has now been recognized by the policy makers and hence there is a greater thrust on technical and vocational education and training. Another shortcoming is the perception of TVET as a career path for the less academically endowed being fuelled by the low academic requirement into TVET programme, rather than an effective strategy to train skilled manpower for sustainable economy development in Nigeria. This paper discusses the current environment in which TVET in the country operates and the effort government has taken to revitalize it as well as the lessons that can be learnt from countries that have achieved sustainable economic development through TVET. The paper argues that for TVET to be a key to sustainable economy in the country, there is need for changes in public perception and image of TVET, revive the nationís moribound technical training colleges, technical instructors in training schools to leverage on industry partners to gather industry based experience and strict monitoring of industrial trainees. The paper concludes that technical and vocational education and training is a necessary but not sufficient condition for sustainable economy of Nigeria. What are required includes government policies that can stimulate the economy and adequate infrastructural facilities. Keywords: TVET, Practical Skill, Self reliance, Sustainable Economy