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Memory and Romance of Love in Indonesian Movies: Analysis of Perception on Generation X in Yogyakarta

Romance of love still becomes the main topic or supporting topic of Indonesian movie loved by people in any ages. Movies about the romance of love are possible to recall audience’s memory about the past, including those who are from Generation X, who are no longer young. This research aims to see how far Generation X in Yogyakarta is able to remember scenes of the romance of love played on the movie, and to find out what kind of memory occurring when seeing the movie. This research uses qualitative method using phenomenological paradigm. Data is collected using observation and interview, in which the technique for collecting sample is purposive sampling. Meanwhile, technique for analyzing data according to Creswell (2015) consists of organizing and preparing data, reading or looking at all the data, starting to code all of the data, used coding process to generate a description, interrelating theme, and interpreting the meaning of theme. Research result shows recalling memory as a keyword of the relationship between the romance of love and memory of Generation X. The cause factors are the memories Generation X, visualization of the romance of love, attention and selective memory archive, and nostalgia versus intrusiveness level. Thus, all of them can create affective effect that can describe the quality of Indonesian movies about the romance of love. Index Terms - Affecting effect, attention, intrusiveness, nostalgia,recalling memory, visual communication.