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Optimizing IP Address Searching Time In Cached Routing Table With Predictive Modeling Schema

in a real computer network, the size of routing table is often large. The function of the router is routing the network packet(s) to the correct network segment by using the information in the routing table. Routing table by itself is a database table contained within the router. Routing table record indicates the destination network address to forward the network packet(s). In routing such a network packet, the entry in the routing table is required to be searched. The large routing table can make the searching time take too long. It may even reach a timeout threshold. A routing table requires o(n2) searching time where n is the number of nodes. Therefore, in a typical router design, there exists a cached routing table to make the routing record searching faster as cached memory is faster. However the cached memory can get full if there are so many entries and searching the full cached memory may not be fast enough and can even cause a timeout. This paper proposes a method to reduce the searching time within the cached routing table by introducing predictive modeling schema. Index terms- computer network, routing table, cached routing table, network packets, routing protocol, eigrp, ospf, rip