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Dialectic of Frankish Women Participation in Fighting Against Muslims During The Crusades Against Egypt and The Levant

The contemporary Arab historical sources of the Crusades have agreed on the participation of Frankish women in fighting against Muslims, to the extent that some of these sources described the women participating in the crusades as knightsas men, but most European researchers and some Arab researchers have questioned about the narratives of participation of Frankish women in the actual fighting against Muslims. The researcher will rewrite history in this case by reviewing the relevant historical evidences included in the Arab and European sources in order to reachfairly historical truth throughout using the historical analytical approach. The researcher will attempt to clarify the factors and motives that led to different positions of Arab and European historians on this issue, and then he will prove the historical truth in this matter, which formed a dialectic raised many question marks and ambiguities. Keywords - Egypt, Jihād, Fifth Crusade, Frankishwomen, the Levant, Third Crusade.