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An Analysis Of Factors Affecting Purchase Intention On Mobile Games In China

Nowadays, competition pressure becomes more and more serious for each individual company. In order to survive in the highly competitively market environment, companies should know what is the key successful factors for the marketing. To understand the customer need and want for the product is most important things and find out what is the main factors could affect customers purchase intention also meaningful for the successful marketing. Most researchers in the world believe the purchase intention is a series psychological process before the actual buying behavior. This article base on the previous theory and models of purchase intention analysis, it will focus on the factors affect customers purchase intention on mobile game consumption. This research will help people clear understand what are the main factors affect customers when they purchasing the mobile games and the relationships among those factors. Same time this article will discuss the difference among customers affect by the product feature, support device, social influence, gaming experience and personality influence. This research will help the company in the relative industry more deeply understand what things could influence customers before them selecting any mobile games. Keywords- Mobile Game, Support Factors, Game Experience, Social Influence, Personality Influence.