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The Menace Of Educational Disruption By Human Rights Violation In African

Right to education has putative admittanceas a salient integral part of human rights. But this right is often foiled owing to the threat on,and the violation of some other human rights for political, religion, social and economicreasons in Africa. Invariably, reactions to these contraventions orchestrateinevitable sporadic discontinuance of educational activities and high rate of students’ drop out. This is ascribable to prolonged teachers strike actions, lack of equity, students’ protests and rioting,loss of school infrastructure, loss of properties, threat to lives, inadequate available teaching -learning resources, students’kidnapping and so on. This is an empirical investigation with legal frame work which presents the causes, effects of human rights violation with its menace and impediment to teaching-learning process. It also suggestsengagement initiatives, constructive mindset change and reorientation programs that clearly proffer practical panaceas to the emergent plights. Keywords - Violation, Education, Human Rights, Students