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The Status and Powers of the President of Georgia According to Amendments of the Constitution of Georgia

The history of Georgian Constitution is very rich. The first Georgian Constitution was adopted in 1921 and its content was not less good than the constitutions of other European countries at that time, especially in the parts of the fundamental Human Rights and Freedoms and guarantees of their protection. However, this constitution, which was based on democratic and legal state’s principles, only existed for several days due to sovietization of the country. Today’s constitution was adopted in 1995, that established democratic republic in which the source of power is the people. There were made some amendments in the Constitution of Georgia time by time that altered the role and powers of the President. The current reduction establishes the classical parliamentary governance, where the role of the President is nominal, and s/he has no real leverage by which s/he could influence the formation and implementation of the state policy. The parliamentary governance model is novelty for Georgia, because mostly carrying out the governmental powers was associated with the President institute. It is difficult to determine beforehand how much the government of secondary legitimation will be able to exercise executive powers independently, completely when the control mechanisms, which are less common in parliamentary governance in Georgia yet, are at the stage of development, in particular: the strong civil society is not fully established, there is no strong party system and electoral legislation, and mostly a single party holds a majority in the legislative body. Keywords - Constitution, Direct election, Parliamentary Governance, President.