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CAPEX of PEA IP over DWDM Core Network

This work demonstrates the IP over DWDM Network of PEA (Provincial Electricity Authority) in the stage of the transforming from the conventional network to full DWDM. The transformation aims to serve the bandwidth requirements at the present and in the future for the demand services, especially the IP traffic which increases dramatically. The service includes both internal utilities in the organization and other services. The most significant parameters being taken into account for comparing the IP over DWDM with other technologies are Capital Expense (CapEx) and Operation Expense (OpEx). In this paper, we focus on the CapEx model to analyze the total equipment cost for packet - based and DWDM - based networks. This paper shows the Network design and the test of the Network to gain the efficiency of the optical signal to noise ratio (OSNR) referred to the definition of the ITU-T of each wavelength. The CapEx of devices of IP over DWDM for DWDM-based and Packet-based shows the total network equipment cost of the two solutions as traffic grows. The CapEx of the DWDM network shows the low effective with the range of low traffic due to the low utilization of the expensive optics. On the other hand, the packet solution shows the higher efficiency in this traffic range. The DWDM-based solution provides the better performance while the traffic grows, especially using with higher than 10 G ports. The DWDM quickly fill up the costly metro line cards and chassis. For this particular case, the DWDM-based architectures become better than those of the packet-based architectures when traffic per CO is more than 10Gbps. This strongly confirms that the devices and cost of the DWDM-based provides sufficiently the requirements of the fast growth of IP traffic. Index terms - PEA, IP over DWDM, CapEx/OpEx, CTP