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An Analysis of the Status of Nature in the City, with an Emphasis on Urban Areas on the Territory of the Dulab Gatein the District 13th Municipality of Tehran

Climate change, population growth, urban migration and resource scarcity are all challenges that human civilization faces today and everywhere. The failure of human-nature relationship, as a result of knowingly or unknowingly developing technology, in many cases has led to a disruption of the environmental balance and the destruction of various environmental effects. However, before the development of the urban industry, the dominance of the nature of human life was much greater than human domination over nature. Therefore, the scientists and groups that were supportive of the environment, in order to balance the relationship between man and his natural environment and the reconciliation between urban and nature, the harmony and the combination of man with nature, and ending the crisis of the present century, has considered different approaches. Among various perspectives, "urban Greenfields" have been given special attention to the human invasion of nature and the destruction of natural resources and damage to it. One of the most important features of urban plantations is to pay attention to the dimensions of sustainable development, and in particular its ecological aspect. This research aims at introducing and characterizing urban fields and studying patterns of distribution of urban green spaces by documentary method, comparative study of similar case examples in the world with emphasis on London and Frankfurt and comparing it with a domestic case in Tehran in the neighborhood of the Dulabgate, near the Ahang highway, there is a scattered area of agricultural land around them. The results showed that the experience of creating an agricultural farm in unutilized and inert areas of this region could create jobs for individuals and residents of the region, and from the environmental and green point of view, it brought sustainability to the south-east of Tehran, resulting in It is a link between nature and city in the metropolis of Tehran. Key Words - Urban Farms, Dulab Gate, Green Revolution, Sustainable Development, Human and Nature