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The Role of Management By Walking Around (MBWA) on Organizational Excellence in Media Institutions

This study aimed to investigate the impact of MBWA dimensions (discovering facts, communication, motivating, creativity, and feedback) on the organizational excellence in Omani media institutions. Data were collected from a purposive sample of 260 of administrative staff working in three media institutions (i.e., the directorate general of media, Omani news office in Dhofar governorate, general authority for radio and television). The data were analyzed by AMOS and SPSS programs. The results revealed that the three MBWA dimensions, namely discovering facts, communication, and feedback have a significant positive impact on organizational excellence. The study recommended developing a policy of establishing an organizational climate and environment conducive and supportive of organizational excellence in the media institutions, and educating employees in the media institutions with the objectives and the importance of organizational excellence. Keywords - MBWA, Management By Walking Around, Organizational Excellence, Media Institutions, Oman.