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Software Engineers Motivation and Its Relationship to Project Outcome in GCC Countries

Previous literature has pointed out the relationship between software engineers’ motivation and project outcome. Although many studies and research have discussed this issue around the world, almost none of the research has examined the impact of motivation on software project outcome within the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries. To fill this gap, the aim of this research is to provide a better understanding of the relationship of software engineers’ motivation with the project results in the GCC countries. Besides, the research explores the motivational level for software engineers working in software development projects. To meet our objective, we conducted a survey questionnaire and distributed it to practitioners in software engineering field, as data collection tool. Our results suggest that the overall motivation level is average. Qatar has the highest motivational level and Bahrain has the lowest. Despite that, we only have few failed projects in Qatar and KSA. Our results still shows that there is no relationship between motivation and project outcome in this region, which contradict what was found by previous studies. However, our finding can be a good assist for software project manager in the GCC countries when working in a global software environment. Index Terms - Motivation factors project outcome, software development, team motivation