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Factors Affectingmarine Product Processing Development of Mussel Farming in The Baltic Sea Region

In the Baltic Sea region several industries have affected different factors which have shifted mussel farming industry importance. Such changes have affected fishery industry, too. Analysis of different factors it was highlighted that fishery has lost its importance in the Baltic Sea Region. Aim of the research: investigate factors affecting marine product processing development of mussel farming in the Baltic Sea Region by analysing views of public administrators, entrepreneurs and researchers in selected Baltic Sea Region countries obtained in the survey. Research methods used: Scientific publication studies on mussel farming development and marine product processing supporting and braking factors, survey of different stakeholders in mussel farming – public administrators, entrepreneurs and researchers; expert interviews. For evaluation of different aspects affecting marine product processing of mussel farming it was used evaluation scale 1 – 10, where 1 – not affect; 10 – affect in great extent. Data obtained in survey were analysed with indicators of descriptive statistics, cross-tabulations by gender, education level, age group and country, analysis of variance – ANOVA, correlation analysis, factor analysis. Among the most important factors affecting marine product processing in mussel farming in the Baltic sea region were indicated government support, education including informal education, human resources as well as marketing events. The results were statistically different by age group and by countries. To promote mussel farming industry it was revealed that end-use market and government support for marine product processingare important factors that affects development of mussel farming industry and marine product processingin the Baltic Sea region.