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Household Literacy and Vaccine Effectiveness: Evidence from Pakistan

We conducted a survey during the 2014-2015 children vaccination in Pakistan, this study examines immunization of children with the household literacy and education coercions of vaccine and their availability in regional levels. Focus most prior research and finding a key gap on rampant settings. We conducted interview by questionnaires from 8th September, 2014 to 17th October, 2015. The research study focusing on whole-population sampling methods, the sample size of study are 67,726 among 80,000 population. 84.65% results have been conducted from the survey in four provinces of Pakistan by 121 surveyors. 110 co-surveyors collected data of children between 1-36 months. The multi-stage cluster design made for 113 districts with random route household selection. We calculated the percentage of retorting whose children couldn’t take vaccine. We compare these percentages with household education, focus on variables and identified the threats in endemic setting. The household education level which is illiterate, middle and highest. Though 53.6%, 53.91%, 5.97%, 55.34%,54.5%,55.41% illiterate household children did not receive BCG average of DPT/Combo/Penta 1, 2 and 3, Polio1, 2 and 3, HB1, 2 and 3, Measles1,2 and Diarrhea respectively. A multinomial logistic regression model computed the relationship between eight parameters (Immunization card [1], BCG [1], Penta [3], Polio [3], HB [3], Measles [2], Diarrhea [2], and ORS [1]). The chi-square test computed with the Goodness-of-Fit analyzed with .220, .968, and .972 Cox and Snell, Negelkerke, and McFadden respectively. The HB is violated badly, more than 90% of children were seriously sick but government is depend on GAVI and WHO funding. If the HB vaccination cost is higher in international market so alternative medicine taking from China in form of herbals. Furthermore, to monitor all health department units individually by national accountability. Security control by Islamic scholars who provide the pure literature in districts about vaccine. Keywords- Pentavalent Vaccine, Pakistan, literacy of household