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Co-Delivery of Paclitaxel and Kinesin Spindle Protein Sirna Via Cationic Liposome for Improvement in Cancer Treatment

Paclitaxel (PTX) is widely administered to treat advanced in ovarian cancer. However, the bouncing off to tumor as well as the generating the drug resistance in cancer cells of paclitaxel lead to the high dose of this drug making higher risks to patients. This study provides one effective method improving anticancer ability of paclitaxel by using cationic liposome to co–delivery with Kinesin spindle protein siRNA (siKSP). Our complex (LS_siKSP/PTX) when administered to multidrug resistant ovarian cancer cells (HeyA8 MDR) showed the significantly higher cytotoxicity. The highest synergistic effect achieved at 2000 nM paclitaxel combined with 50 nM KSP siRNA. It could make the viability of cancer cells population around 42%. LS_siKSP/PTX also showed the ability to knockdown expression of KSP and KSP siRNA and higher apoptosis induction, compared with free Paclitaxel as well as separated single agents loaded by cationic liposome. Key words- Paclitaxel, Kinesin spindle protein siRNA, cationic liposome, synergistic anticancer