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High Storage Efficiency in Solar Photovoltaic Panel Powered Distribution using Super Capacitors

The expected depletion of fossil fuels in the world and related harmful environmental effects caused serious concern to the global community. Therefore, recently, the integration of renewable energy in energy production became a major issue, in order to reduce the dependence on fossil fuel usage. Wind is a clean and environmentally friendly renewable energy resource and its use in energy production has been consistently increasing around the world, especially in the last decade. This thesis consists of data collection studies (the parameters that necessitated this growth in different countries) and modeling the development by using the excel software and Matlab. This study aims to show that wind energy is a viable renewable energy option for both developing and developed countries, and every country and region can improve their wind energy installations by considering the factors that are favorable in their region to induce wind energy installations. Keywords - Modelling, Policies, Optimization, Wind Energy Development.