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Modeling the Critical Factors of Resilience Capability in Supply Chains: An GREY ISM Approach

In recent years, due to globalization and the integration of the world’s economies, supply chains have become more complex and vulnerable. Therefore, supply chain systems need to be more resilient in response to such challenges. As supply chain interruptions are the cause of financial loss and reductions in revenue, it is imperative for a company to develop resilience in the best possible method. However, only a few studies have attempted to improve clarity by combining the resilience of different supply chains and building it in a more integrated and effective way. This study develops an assessment approach to identify the key factors affecting the resilience of supply chains. First, based on the analysis of relevant literature this research identifies capabilities that improve the resilience of supply chains. After that, we built an assessment approach combining grey theory and interpretive structural modelling (ISM) to find the critical capability of resilience in a supply chain system. Keywords - Resilience capability, Grey theory, ISM.