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Gandhi’s Nai Talim and Liberal Studies: A Comparative Studyof The Two Models of Education

Liberal studies is the speedily moving and widely accepted model of education today. Liberal studies focuses on skills, human life, critical thinking and creativity and thus broadens the choice of profession and occupation a person can take with a better understanding of self and world. Mahatma Gandhi the spiritual leader of India developed and practiced a philosophy of education called ‘Nai Talim’ [translated as new training or learning] which focused on all round development of humans like various skills, knowledge, arts, wisdom and above all morality and making them responsible citizens. This system has been in practice in various institutes successfully even in the 21st Century. This research paper endeavours to compare and contrast the two educational systems: Liberal Studies and Nai Talim. What are the similarities between modern liberal studies and Gandhi’s Nai Talim? How are both relevant today? What are the contrasts or limitations of each? How are they complementing each other for a better educational endeavour? These are the questions this research article will try to discuss and put forth. It also endeavours to juxtapose the two concepts with other specialized learnings like engineering or medical and how the two concepts can be amalgamated in them for creating a better professional and citizen. Index Terms- education, liberal studies, liberal arts, Gandhian education, Gandhian philosophy, Nai Talim, modern education, life learning, life skills