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The Assessment of Vocational Training, Monitoring & Evaluation As The Main Determinants of Job Creation and Projects Sustainability

Due to the growing importance of the monitoring and evaluation all-over the world, many projects identified the benefits and are trying to establish it in their operations. But, according to Angelo (2008) lack of data auditing, internal control and effective information, continue to cause non-sustainable outcome of the youth projects. The general objective of the study is to analyze the contribution of monitoring and evaluation, vocational training on projects sustainability and job creation in Rwanda. Specific objectives are to identify the contribution of data auditing to the sustainability of projects in Rwanda; to examine how internal control influences the sustainability of projects in Rwanda and to ascertain the effect of effective information to the sustainability of projects in Rwanda. The findings could help policy makers in decision making and enable them put in place policies guiding running of projects in the country. This study adopted case study and descriptive design. The researcher targeted 7355 students from Iwawa Rehabilitation and Vocational Skills Development Centre (IRVSDC) that graduated in nine promotions, from 2010 up to 2016 and 50 staff of IRVSDC. The researcher used (Yamane, 1967) formula to determine sample size n = 98 people. The 97 respondents were selected from 7355 students using convenience sampling method, while 1 staff was selected from 50 staffs purposively. The data collection instruments in this research were questionnaires and interviews. The data were analyzed using both descriptive and inferential statistics through SPSS software. This research used SPSS version 16 and found that the coefficient r equal to 0.971. This study concluded that the effects of effective information are youth’s job creation, youth’s income access, youth’s decision-making, youth’s self-reliance; and youth’s leadership. This research also concluded that there is a positive correlation between M & E mechanisms and project sustainability in Rwanda. The researcher recommended that projects should have M & E in order to perform better. The researcher further recommends that the government of the republic of Rwanda should help vocational project to know the benefits of monitoring and evaluation. Key words- monitoring, evaluation, vocational training, projects sustainability and job creation