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Television Advertising Strategy and Customer Loyalty in Insurance Sector

Customers are loyal because they believe that they receive superior products or commendable services and favorable treatment from their service providers, and also because they believe they don’t have a better alternative. However, these customers may not be aware of the influence or impact that their service provider’s advertisements really have on keeping them hooked or bowed to their brand and customer loyalty. The general objective of the study was to analyze the contribution of television advertising to customer loyalty in insurance sector in Rwanda. Specific objectives were to ascertain the determinants that influence customer loyalty in insurance sector in Rwanda, to assess the strategies related to advertisement undertaken by SORAS (Societe Rwandaise d’Assurance) on customer loyalty and to establish relationship between television advertisement and customer loyalty in insurance sector in Rwanda. The study design was descriptive-analytical design, the population of this research was from insurance companies’ customers and employees and the sample size of the study was 98 people. The researcher used Statistical Packaging for Social Sciences (SPSS) as the statistical tool. The data was presented according to the research questions and research objectives. Tables were used to present data. Data from completed questionnaires were edited, categorized and entered into SPSS and summarized using the percentage of respondents for analysis. Inferential statistics (Pearson correlation coefficient was used to analyze data). This research used SPSS programm and found that the coefficient r equal to 0.969. According to Pearson, the correlation of 0.969 (96.9%) is categorized as positive correlation and this leads to confirm that there is significant relationship between television advertisement and customer loyalty. This study recommended that, to enable meaningful participation, management should focus on advertisement, customer loyalty, and corporate strategy with carefully selected representatives for the skilled employees. Successful Brand loyalty in Rwandan insurance companies requires a strong skilled local leadership through a process of leadership development, community mobilization, capacity building, education, and conscious. Key words- Television, advertising , customer, loyalty, insurance sector