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Are Women Better Leaders Than Men? A Popular Dilemma: Evidence From Financial Institutions In Lebanon

Purpose -The purpose of this research paper is to investigate and explore that the women leaders characteristics contributory to the effectiveness of financial organizations. Objectives This objective of this research is to seek the insight about the pertinent performance and effectiveness of women leaders and male leaders in financial institutions. Methodology This research is based on survey study and quantitative and cross sectional in nature. Data is collected from the banks and financial institutions to analyze the responses of the selected sample which was conveniently selected from the targeted population of corporate sector and learning organizations in Lebanon. 88% response rate was attained. The reliability of data was within limits of cut off points. Data collected was tested for missing values, normality and descriptive statistics on SPSS V. 20 and SEM was applied to test the model and items. Results and implication - The results and findings displays that women leaders are much better and effective in attainment of organizational effectiveness in financial institutions due to their feminist characteristics and exposure at different levels and psychological moves and turns of life. Recommendations and Implication The research study recommends that due to feminism attributes in women leaders they must be taken to top positions where changes is to be brought as they bring change, instill it among the workers and collaboratively refreeze the change. Female leaders are more likely to nurture transformational leadership as compared to men. Future line of research - Future research will be conducted to sort out the difficulties faced by the women to attain the top level positions globally and factors to be identified in-order to reach the root cause of women lacking at top and strategic positions. Keywords- Women Leadership, Leadership, Leader, Feminine Leadership Characteristics, Leadership Roles