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Adminstrative Competence of Public Elementaryschool Principals in The Department of Education Division of Northern Samar

This study generally investigated the administrative competence of public elementary school principals in the Department of Education in the Division of Northern Samar. Specifically, it determined the profile of the respondent; in terms of age, sex, highest educational attainment, length of service, leadership trainings and seminars attended. It tried to find out the levels of administrative competence of the respondents in terms of self-management, communication, diversity, professional ethics, teamwork and work change. The study was conducted in the Department of Education, Division of Northern Samar during the school year 2015-2016. This was participated by a total of 138 principals. In order to ensure impartiality in the results; the General Parents-Teachers Association Presidents, teachers, members of the local school board were asked to evaluate the performance of the principals. It utilized the descriptive-correlational method using standardized questionnaire. As principal instrument with secondary data to back-up significant difference was found between the educational attainment and the performance of the principal. Further, leadership trainings, length of service and seminars attended were found significant in the respondents’ performance. As to the administrative competence, the combined responses of the teachers, PTA presidents, and the members of the Local School Board and the self-assessment of the principals. It revealed that majority of the principals were “highly competent”. About 27% were “moderately competent” while around 23% were “fairly competent”. Most of the respondents, manifested high level of self-management, work as a team, showed high professional ethics, respect diverse opinions, communication skills and were willing to accept challenges. The findings showed that majority of the principals are highly competent, however, the significant correlation implied that leadership trainings, seminars, educational attainment and work experience greatly influence administration competencies Keywords- Administrative competence, supervisory skills, administrative styles